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November, 2009

Randy Pausch on Oprah – Last Lecture

The Sputnik Moment Interview with Christine Maxwell

Microsoft Introduces Bing

Stimulus Money Gives Local Man a Job

David Hoffman – Losing Everything

YouTube Rolls Out Auto Captioning – Does it Work?

YouTube unveiled its automatic, machine-generated captioning technology on Thursday, November 19.

While this is a step forward in video search, is it really making video content accessible for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing?  YouTube is utilizing Google’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to perform the automatic transcription, and then in some instances they are using automatic translation to translate that English text into other languages.  The next logical question:  How accurate are the foreign language translations? Keep Reading…

Welcome to Transendia

Welcome to Transendia, the world’s first accessible media player that offers complete searchability and accurate verbatim transcripts.

“Making video and audio fully searchable and accessible worldwide.”

What makes Transendia special?

  • One-Stop Shop – You upload your video, provide us with spellings, and we do the rest
    • Transcription
    • Synchronization
    • Hosting
  • Accurate Transcripts
  • Robust Player with Multiple Search Features
  • Captioning Outside of Video Field
  • Patent-Pending “Pinpoint” Search Technology from Search Engines
  • Search Keywords & Glossary Terms, in Addition to Verbatim Transcripts
  • Customization of Player and Website Integration
    • Branding and Custom Skins
    • Integrate with Search Portals and Video Libraries/Collections
    • Custom Accessibility Options (Traditional Offline Captioning and Video Description available, for example)
    • Translation into Other Languages
  • Video & Audio Files Processed
  • Optional Download of Transcripts
  • Integration with Realtime Transcription for Live, Streaming Events
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